About Kinor Investment

Kinor is the French realty development expertise and proficiency on Georgian market. The history of the company takes start in 2018, when two French friends and longtime partners Georges Cohen and Dominique Romano discovered Georgia and its investment potential.

After a long and thorough market research, they founded Kinor Investment SCSp in Luxembourg and opened an office in Tbilisi.

The company founders with over 20 years of experience in the French real estate will considerably contribute to the development of the Georgian realty investment market.

Kinor Investment SCSp acts as a promotional platform of Georgia’s potential in the world investment markets.

Currently, the company runs a multi-functional residential project, Kinor Vashlijvari, that is fully funded and insured by TBC Bank. The construction process is monitored by the bank representation, as well as, the largest local construction company IN-SI.

As for future plans, in short run, the company plans to scale up to the premium line residential market. In the long run, it is planned to cover all budget segments and directions of realty development on Georgian market

The company’s mission is to implement European expertise and standards on the Georgian development market, taking into account local requirements.

Social responsibility

The Kinor Company pays significant attention to bringing the French experience of environmental protection to Georgia. It is one of the first companies in Georgia to take social responsibility for environmental care, which provides:

  • Minimizing the risk of adverse environmental impacts during construction
  • Maintaining green cover
  • Creating an eco-friendly environment
  • Considering the geographical location and creating projects that are best suited to the environment



Safety and quality are the top priorities of Kinor. The company’s projects and building standards are constantly monitored by the largest construction company – IN-SI, with which Kinor:

  • Creates a safe environment for employees
  • Provides quality construction using the best European building materials
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